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Suvi Keskinen, project leader


PhD Suvi Keskinen is an Academy Research Fellow and Professor in CEREN, the Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism, at the University of Helsinki. She has studied questions of gender, ethnicity and racism in the context of the Nordic welfare state; police and welfare practices; violence and social control; media debates; and political activism. Part of her work has consisted of coordinating Nordic research networks in these areas. She has published extensively in national and international peer-reviewed journals and monographs.


Markus Himanen, full time researcher

Interviews, analysis, project coordination


+ 358 40 040 9596

MSSc Markus Himanen is preparing his PhD on immigration policing and ethnic profiling at CEREN, in University of Helsinki. He specialises in migration, nationality and immigration policy.


Aminkeng A. Alemanji, full time researcher (until the end of April 2017)

Interviews, analysis

Aminkeng A. Alemanji Ph.D researches on antiracism education in Finland. His research critiques existing antiracism education practices in Finland and proposes different antiracism strategies both in and out of schools.


Uyi Osazee, part-time researcher

Interviews, participatory ethnography

MSSc Uyi Osazee is a PhD researcher at the University of Tampere. His areas of research expertise are race, modern forms of racism, the African diaspora, and belonging.


Antti Kivijärvi, part time researcher

Quantitative research

+358 40 0624 689

Antti Kivijärvi’s page

Antti Kivijärvi received a PhD in social sciences while working as a researcher at the Finnish Youth Research Society. His previous research interests have included issues of ethnicity, migration, youth leisure, racism, welfare services for youth and the life-course approach of marginalised immigrant young adults.

at the Finnish Youth Research Society


Nirosha Pöyhölä, research assistant 

Interviews, transcriptions, organisational tasks

Nirosha Pöyhölä is finishing her Master of Science degree at the University of Turku. Her master’s thesis delves into racialised youths’ negotiations of belonging and identity.


Venla Rousku, research assistant (until the end of September 2017)

Transcriptions, organisational tasks

Venla Rousku is a Master student at the University of Turku.


Thaddeus Ndukwe, research assistant (until the end of May 2016)


Thaddeus Ndukwe is a PhD student at the University of Jyväskylä. His PhD thesis deals with the political inclusion of African immigrants in Finland on a municipal level.


Journalism, Social Media & Events

Kati Pietarinen, journalist, head of the journalistic section of the project

Interviews, articles

Kati Pietarinen specialises in migration and human rights. In 2016, she received a special mention in the Edit contest (Edit-kilpailu), a national magazine journalism contest.


Maryan Abdulkarim, journalist

Social media and events

Maryan Abdulkarim is interested in social questions and making power structures visible. She received Helsinki University’s Kristiina of the year award in 2016 for her work on advancing gender equality.


Laura Böök, photographer

Photo and video

Laura Böök is a photographer focusing on long term documentary projects. In 2016 her photo series about Congolese refugees in Finland was exhibited at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki and Photographic Centre Nykyaika in Tampere.

Laura Böök’s page.


Kari Kuukka, photographer, multimedia specialist

Multimedia production

Kari Kuukka (MA) is a photographer who has received several national awards for his work. Recently his work has focused on the future of the media and producing and developing multimedia storytelling. He actively teaches and consults within this field for universities, the media and NGOs, and is the founder of the DocImages multimedia production company.


Aino Sutinen, comics artist

The Stopped illustrator and press officer


+358 40 867 5319

For all MEDIA contacts concerning conferences, research and multimedia, please contact Aino.

Aino Sutinen (BA in Sociology and Development Studies, University of Sussex)  is a comics artist, illustarator and comics journalist. She illustrated the ”Stop! Ethnic Profiling Comics” journalistic comic for The Stopped multimedia site, along with the video about complaint mechanisms.


Jana Turk, research assistant


Jana Turk is a research assistant and event coordinator for The Stopped.