The Stopped – Pysäytetyt

Ethnic profiling research project

Etnisen profiloinnin tutkimushanke

Journalism and art

LINK to multimedia site in English. Journalism, photography, video and comics, based on the research findings and real life stories.

LINKKI suomenkieliselle multimediasivustolle. Journalismia, valokuvaa, videoita ja sarjakuvaa tutkimukseen ja kokijoiden kertomuksiin perustuen.

Research report

The Stopped – Ethnic Profiling in Finland (PDF)

Pysäytetyt – Etninen profilointi Suomessa (PDF)

Suvi Keskinen, Aminkeng Atabong, Alemanji, Markus Himanen, Antti Kivijärvi, Uyi Osazee,  Nirosha Pöyhölä and Venla Rousku. Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki 2018

Event documentation

Ethnic profiling in Finland and Europe – conference 5 April 2018

Podcast: Leandro Schclarek Mulinari (Sweden), MP3 (59:46) 
Podcast: Rosalind Williams (Spain/US), Nick Glynn (UK), MP3 (1:05:13)
Podcast: Pysäytetyt-hankkeen lopputuloksia, MP3 (37:30)
Podcast: Paneelikeskustelu, Etninen profilointi Suomessa, MP3 (1:19:28)

Facebook album of photos and sketchnotes from the conference.

The website is in English, but Finnish translations can be found on each page.

Etusivu on englanniksi. Suomenkieliset sivut löytyvät aina sivun ylälaidasta.

First study into ethnic profiling in Finland


The University of Helsinki’s Stopped research and journalism project (2015-2018), is the first study into ethnic profiling within the Finnish police force. The project is conducted by a group of researchers, journalists and photographers.

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What is ethnic profiling?


Police ethnic profiling can mean that a police officer uses their police powers on an individual primarily or only due to that person’s skin colour, ethnic origin, religion or language. It can be prevalent within cases of stopping and asking for identity papers or detention.

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What can you do if you have been stopped?


Ethnic profiling is a form of discrimination. Discrimination is forbidden by Finnish law and international conventions. Ethnic profiling is also forbidden during immigration controls in Finland: according to the law, your ethnicity cannot be the only or main reason for being stopped during these control processes.

If you suspect that your appearance, your skin colour or ethnicity is the only or main reason for being stopped by the police, you should file a complaint. It is important that officials receive information about discriminatory ethnic profiling.

It is unfortunately complicated to complain about ethnic profiling, as there are multiple complaint mechanisms. You should seek to understand how different complaint mechanisms work, and choose one with which to lodge a complaint. In all cases, a complaint must be resolved before another complaint mechanism can be approached to resolve the same incident.

You can also contact researcher Markus Himanen from the Stopped project at markus.himanen(at) who can help you with the complaints process.

How to make a complaint: five options


There are five different official mechanisms that you can use to complain about ethnic profiling.

You can only use one complaint mechanism at once.

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